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At Cottman Investigation Services, we are a team of highly qualified and experienced private investigators based in Perth. We offer a range of services including surveillance, infidelity investigations, criminal/civil law investigations, and corporate investigations. We understand the importance of confidentiality and discretion in our line of work, and we always prioritize our clients' needs.

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Our private investigation services include but are not limited to general surveillance, matrimonial investigations, domestic investigations, and missing persons investigations. We work closely with our clients to gather the necessary information and evidence to support their case, and we keep them informed throughout the process.

Commercial Investigations | Workers Comp Investigations | Surveillance | Covert Operations | Civil Law Cases

We also offer a range of commercial investigation services including hidden camera surveillance, landlord and tenant investigations, employment activity investigations, and background checks. Our team of investigators has extensive experience working with businesses of all sizes to help them protect their assets and mitigate risk.

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Stacey Thorne Murder

Stacey THORNE was a 34-year-old teacher’s aide, soon to be mother, living in a small town in Western Australia.  Late on Sunday the 9th of December 2007 she was asleep in her bed when someone brutally stabbed her 21 times.  She was just over 22 weeks pregnant at the time and both Stacey and her baby died as a result of the injuries received.


There were no signs of forced entry into Stacey’s unit and no lights on indicating the attack was NOT committed by an ‘unfamiliar’ intruder.  The attacker left Stacey and her baby to die.  She managed to struggle out of the unit to try and get help.  But no-one came to her aid.


Stacey and her unborn baby daughter died on the front verge of a neighbouring property 100metres from her unit. 


The last person to see her alive was the subsequent accused and later acquitted, casual acquaintance and father of her unborn child.

CIS was engaged by the Thorne family to help find answers on this unsolved murder case.


Malicious Matrimonial Sex Assault

In 2020 Mrs X claimed she had been sexually assaulted by her husband and as a result he spent 20months in prison on remand as an innocent man.  Meanwhile the 'victim' went on holidays, had beauty treatments, went out to cafes and restaurants weekly, started on-line dating and had numerous shopping sprees.

When the case finally went to trial it took a jury less than 15 minutes to acquit  him but it will take a lifetime for him and his family to recover both emotionally and financially.

Now going through all the evidence there is more to this case than police first thought.

CIS have been engaged by the accused to unravel the motives behind this malicious case.


Suspicious Death

In this particular case what appears to be a suicide could actually be more.  Police were quick to determine the death was self inflicted but after years of questioning and searching the family believe there was something more to it.

After so many years have passed the evidence is limited, however so many things do not add up.  The marks on the body, the broken finger nails, the lack of motive to end it all - what really happened that night.

Solving some cases is like a jig saw puzzle with the pieces missing.  But at CIS we are determined to get answers for the family whatever it takes.

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